Hello my name is Solange, I am a 55 year old Brittany woman, and I live with my long term partner Philippe.

 You want to learn French? I have a proposition for you.


Whether you are starting from scratch or you want to master the intricacies of the French grammar, you are in good hands! I am dedicated to helping you set and achieve your goals . I will spend more than 10 hours per day helping you during the program.  

As part of the program, you will practice your writing, reading, speaking and listening skills according to your level and you can choose what skill you would like to focus on. You will visit the region and enjoy its typical meals, all while making progress you may have not imagined possible in a short period of time and in a friendly ambiance!

Here are some activities:
     - walks around the region, visit to food markets.
     - preparation of the meals : do you know how to say "fork" in French, How about : "let's chop the leek and cook it in          the pan"? The best way of learning vocabulary words is by doing and speaking it!
     - visits to nearby cities, lunch in a typical restaurant,
     - reading exercises with games,
     - grammar lessons and exercises.

Of course the actual program depends on your individual needs.

  I offer you full-board accomodation in Brittany. For you, we have two upstairs bedrooms, one with a double-bed, facilities include en -suite shower room, TV and small library. The second bedroom has a double bed, a small library, a microstereo with shower and toilet facilities just outside the door.

 The price which includes everything you need for a successful experience in immersion is €160 per day for one person or €280 per day for two people.
  If you live in my area,  I offer you to spend a full day in immersion (9h-17h) including lunch €120  for one person, €180 for two people
Lessons by skype or at my home : 15€ an hour

If you arrive at Rennes , I can pick you up for free. If you arrive at Nantes, Dinard or Saint-Malo, I will have to charge you a supplement of 70 euros


French immersion - Solange Noël
La tremblais
35134 Thourie
tel 0033 299 44 25 20
Philippe and me

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