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Some feedback from my hosts :

Aoife : 

I stayed with Solange for a week this May in her house in France. This was my second time staying with her. I had previously stayed with her last year, and I enjoyed it so much and found it so beneficial for my French that I felt like I had no other option but to return. On arrival Solange collected me from the train station and had a lovely meal prepared for me the minute I got back to the house. Each day was filled with numerous fun filled activities and there was never a dull moment. We visited lovely towns and had delicious meals. Solange introduced me to lots of French food so it was lovely to taste a little bit of another culture. We did a lot of sight seeing and spent many hours cycling through the gorgeous scenery. We played French games with friends of hers who came over to the house to visit. There wasn't a single word of French spoken and even if there was a moment when I didn't understand something, Solange always explained the sentence in a different way in French to me which enabled me to gain full benefit from my French learning experience. I 100% feel far more confident when speaking French and I feel like my fluency has most definitely improved. Solange is an amazing friendly woman with a great heart. She is also a great cook. I couldn't help but devour every meal she made. If you're thinking of improving your French this is definitely a perfect option. I definitely hope to return for a third time!


I highly recommend a stay with Solange at La tremblais for anyone trying to learn French.  During my stay with Solange and Philippe, I not only got great oral French practice, badly needed, but a wonderful exposure to sights in Brittany.  Solange and Philipped were exceeding patient with me, took great care of me, and I had a wonderful time with them.  Solange took us on outings and showed us things in Brittany I never would have seen on my own.  The end result was my speaking improved and I had a new appreciation and understanding of the unique history of Brittany.  Thank you Solange and Philippe!


I am currently studying for my French A-level in England and to improve my speaking skills, I recently spent a week staying with Solange and Philippe at their lovely home. I was welcomed very warmly and really enjoyed spending time practicing my speaking skills with Solange over the week. I felt the atmosphere was very calm and friendly which helped me build my confidence with my french! I would recommend a stay with Solange for anyone who would like to improve their French language skills, in a very personal and relaxed environment! Thank you to Solange and Philippe for your hospitality, I hope to see you again! émoticône smile

Muiriosa and Aoife :

Just want to say a huge thanks to Solange and her husband for letting my sister and I stay in their house for two weeks. Not only were they extremely welcoming and friendly, but they also made us feel like one of the own. Every day was packed with exciting activities: walks in the beautiful town of Thourie, picnics under the sun by the seaside, going to music festivals and shopping in the capital city of Rennes. I learned a lot about the French culture during my stay in Thourie and tasted a lot of delicious new recipes and meals. Dinner Time was always filled with enjoyment and I always looked forward to what was on the menu for dinner every day! Needless to say my oral french improved immensely, as I had to tune into conversations switching from english speaking mode to french mode. Although this was quite a challenge for me, it has given me the boost I needed before my Erasmus Year Abroad in France this September. I’m really glad I spent two weeks in this French immersion course and I would highly recommend anyone who would like to improve their level of French at Secondary School level/Third Level, or remotely anyone who has a keen internet in the french language to immerse yourself in this course. It is really worth while and such a great experience!

Paul :

if you have come to this page looking to improve your French, you've definitely come to the right place. I spent a mere three days immersed in the language with Solange, and it has taken me to a higher level already. Solange quickly worked out what would be the best learning strategy for me and adapted all the materials accordingly. She totally devoted herself to her student each day and we ate, spoke French and laughed in a lovely family atmosphere. Thanks Solange.


I recently spent 5 days with Solange on the immersion course and it not only improved my spoken french but it also gave me an insight to french culture that I had not been aware of. Solange is not only kind but very patient, has a great sense of humour and is totally happy to adapt the course to exactly what one wants. We spent most of the week flitting about and chatting all day. She made some simple but delicious meals which we shared with her partner Philippe who was a lovely chap and happy to sit and chat away about anything. I am now more confident and happier to practice my spoken french out and about and would love to spend more time with Solange at a later date. The five days were great value for money and really beneficial to anyone who wants to really get to grips with the french language. Just being around the language for so many hours a day really helps things to sink in. A big thank you to Solange and Philippe for an entertaining and beneficial few days.


My visit to Thourie was by far the most successful experience with oral French I have had since starting to learn French. I think you have the perfect formula for those who want to practice speaking French in a sympathetic environment, and with no time constraints.

Since all our discussions were about practical activities and real everyday matters, there was nothing artificial or contrived about the conversations. I think that this is very important and I believe that this is why my visit was so successful – since each day involves normal domestic events as well as different types of activity (visits, etc).

My experience was significantly better than with hourly conversation classes – not least because there was less time-wasting, more relevance and minimal interruptions to discuss grammar and so forth. Not only that, but my confidence increased considerably as a result of the positive experience.

It was therefore a particularly successful visit for me personally. I can only congratulate you on your energy and willingness to find different visits and topics and to keep the conversation going!

You are welcome to use this feedback about my personal experience if you wish to share my perspective with others.

With my very best wishes.

Tony :

Many thanks for an excellent week - I have really benefited from the immersion course which I found to be very enjoyable Thanks to your enthusiasm and commitment I am speaking French more fluently and with more confidence
Your course provides excellent value for money- I do recommend it to people who really want to improve their French


Thank you. Tony.

Solange Noël
La tremblais
35134 Thourie
tel 0033 099 44 25 20

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